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Hey mom! I really don’t like all this Routine that I have to follow day in and day out! Why can’t I do things as I please?

The plaintive voice of Jenny was raised in protest. Mandy, swallowed the harsh words that came to her lips. Jenny was at that age where following rules and Routines seemed like a brutality enforced by the adult world, on her. Mandy was showing restraint as she remembered similar arguments with her own mother at the age Jenny was. I guess all teenagers are the same , no matter which generation they belong to, she thought to herself. Well dear, she said in a soothing voice, if you don’t do your assignment on time or study for your upcoming exams, how will you ever achieve your dream of becoming a great scientist? Look at me! I never completed my college education and now I cannot get a good enough job where I could get a salary to support us the way we want?

Jenny opened her mouth to utter an angry response but her eyes caught the glint of tears in her mother’s eyes. I am sorry, mom. Of course I will follow my Routine and do my studying before going out with friends. I am sorry I yelled. I will keep my promise to you and will make you proud of myself.

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12 thoughts on “Routine!

  1. Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts!

    I would love if you could not only follow me back, but turn on my notifications so you know when I post!

    Mena |


  2. Very nice story. Routines are definitely needed in order to establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We often hear and experience some teen resistance, It’s funny because the struggle is real for adults as well. We must learn the lesson and never give up!


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