Lamp post

The pale light from the lamppost was casting a small yellow circle on the deserted road. The man limped towards it in hope to be seen by any passerby. Suddenly a car coming from the direction of the city came into the view and screeched to a halt near him. The young man driving the car leaned out the car window and said “Hey! Old man, do you need a lift somewhere? You look like you can use some help? ”

Can you guess what happens next?

9 thoughts on “Lamp post

  1. Yes, can you please take me home? Home is where my heart is, my love; she’s waiting for me. I just couldn’t bare to be apart any longer. I tripped, trying to navigate my way; through the increasing darkness of this world. But as I thought all hope was lost, this lamp post showed me; that there’s still a ray of light, within the darkness! A wonderful post, makes you think! Blessings!

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