An introduction to Ketogenic diet.

Now -a-days most people have heard about ketogenic diet. Keto for short. What is it? And who should be doing it.

what is ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic (Keto for short) diet is a diet where our body is deprived of carbohydrates ( carbs ) and is hence forced to burn fat for fuel. This fat can come from our food or it can be the fat stored in our body. The biggest challenge in this diet is to restrict our intake of carbs/ sugars to a minimum. I will talk about this in a while.

Who needs to go on a ketogenic diet?

Normally if a person is overweight, he/ she can reduce the excess weight by either calorie restriction in his diet or by burning the extra fat by increasing the amount of exercise one does. Simply put, we can either eat less than our requirement or burn more than we eat by increasing our physical activity. This method works of most of healthy and moderately overweight people.

Then there are people who have broken/ dis-functional metabolism. These are people, who have been on a diet for a long time. I am one of them. The cycle of loosing weight and then gaining it back, also called yo-yo dieting, makes it harder and harder to lose weight after each time. So for people like us, the notion of eating a balanced diet with caloric deficit does not work. Our bodies have gotten to the stage that they refuse to shed the extra weight willingly.

In this scenario, the diet that usually can give satisfactory results is the Keto diet.

There is another category of people who can benefit from Keto diet. These are the people who are declared as pre-diabetic or are suffering from type 2 diabetes. For such people, restriction of carbs can reduce the need for medicines and improve health to a greater degree.

I will discuss the do’s and don’t ‘s of Keto diet in my next post.

But before anyone with any health conditions can start Keto diet they should consult their medical caregivers to get a go ahead.

The purpose of this diet is two-folds, One, Get your food cravings and hence weight gain in control and Secondly, to reduce weight by reducing the insulin produced in our bodies.

There are many books and websites where you can find tips about #KETO DIET. I plan to make it easy for anyone wanting to follow this way of life ( YES, IT IS A WAY OF LIFE, NOT JUST A DIET) but combining my own knowledge of this diet with my experience of practicing this life style for last one year.

So keep on reading about #Keto diet in my future posts.

Please if you have any questions or comments do share them with me.




28 thoughts on “An introduction to Ketogenic diet.

  1. Hi
    I have just started the keto diet after some research. I’m not overly sure if I should be weighing out the foods to ensure I’m keeping it the correct recommendations or if simply avoiding certain foods and limiting intake of others will be enough. I was really excited to do this diet but I have recently read some negative stuff about it which has put me off. I’m still going for it, mainly because I have been struggling with aches and painful joints etc and I am concerned about my very high sugar diet and addictive cravings for sugar. I’ll have a read of your other posts as it might help
    Thanks Claire x

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    1. All the best Claire!
      I did keto for about 8-9 months and lost about 35 lbs. the down side is not being able to eat fruits, except berries. And any accidental intake of carbs can set you back days. If you have the will power to stick to the diet, then this is for you.

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      1. I think I’m going to do it for a short period to get myself into better eating habits and then just try to reduce carbs and sugar for the longer term. I’m not a huge fruit eater if I’m honest .. apart from berries. Though a do eat bananas which I now can’t! I suspect that if I can curb the sugar and the ‘bad’ carbs that will be ok. I’d like to stick to strict keto for at least 30 days though .. just to see what the impact is on my overall well-being.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. I think weight and diet always is. Mine is very entwined with mental health too. After losing 2 stone in about 6 months due to anxiety and depression (and basic starvation) I have now regained it and more. I am trying to find balance … in many things!

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