Am I a strong woman?

Why do I want to be a strong woman?

I really don’t mean this kind of strength!

What I am talking about is being the kind of woman who I admire and want to be like. A woman who can stand on her own two feet. Who can brave the storms and hold her own. A woman who faces the challenges of life. Who takes the world head on!

A woman may be ( and I say, maybe) physically weaker than the male of the species but there is no comparison when it comes to mental strength. She would withstand tremendous pressures and not bend or break. It’s a woman who holds the family life together. It is she, who does the work of ten people without ( often) getting acknowledgment.

So, I am trying to be that woman. I want to be able to take care of myself, without having to depend upon others. I am aiming to fend for myself and my family when I need to. I want to travel alone and visit places which I have dreamed of. The feminist would ask: Why should it be a man’s job to look after the women in his life? Why can’t the women look after themselves? The truth is that it’s usually the other way around. Women being the more organized of the two, has the ability to plan and organize the family life.

It is said that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. True, but what are called the weaknesses in a woman are actually her strong points.

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1. She is emotional and that makes her empathetic and compassionate towards others, who are less fortunate, downtrodden and weaker than herself. Women often take a stand for the powerless of our society. The emotional side of a woman make her strong enough to take on the defense of others weaker then herself.

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2. A woman lacks physical strength but only a woman can bear and give birth to a child, a feat which a man cannot even imagine. The level of pain a woman goes through during childbirth is tremendous and she is( usually) ready to go through that again after a gap of some time. This speaks of the untold and unheralded strength of a woman.

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3. She is easily upset. Cries at small things but laughs at smaller things too! If she didn’t have these qualities, how would she raise a family. Being a mother, mainly consists of keeping sane. These emotional outbursts keep her sane and the family too.

To enumerate all the positive qualities of women would take me many hours, as she is so special a being! But to sum it up, I would say that a strong woman, well adjusted in her life is a force to be reckoned with. so: To you all women out there, I would say that stiffen that backbone of your and stand up for your self! You are not a victim.


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20 thoughts on “Am I a strong woman?

  1. Being a homemaker, the traditional role of women, requires the organizational skills of a corporate CEO, the tact of an HRconsultant, the tenacity and strategies of a general.In addition it requires all the finer and softer attributes of womanhood.

    Congratulations on writing this tribute to women.

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  2. I have known many strong women in my life and have been blessed by that. I remember when my siblings and I had to talk to my father’s doctor about his failing health. The doctor had some bad news to deliver but wanted us to choose one person to be the spokesperson – to relate to the rest what news the doctor had to give us. He intimated it should be one of my brothers because women are “too emotional”. Obviously he didn’t know us – it is the women in my family who are stronger emotionally. I remember how incensed my sisters and I were. It is still a hurtful memory after all these years. However, I digress, my mother was very strong as are my sisters. I think to be a strong woman is a necessity in this world – and especially these days. I wish you all the best in all in your endeavors and may you blessed with strength as well as empathy. (Which, I think, you already are)

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    1. Thank you Carol. As a woman, we both know that the emotional strength we have can and does carry us through the most demanding and tough situations that we come across. Men ( some of them) don’t often see this truth. Power to all women! Thanks for your comments. Stay blessed.

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