Life’s beautiful mosaic

multicolored mosaic photo
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Like a mosaic, life or human fabric is composed of tiny , colorful tiles of vivid hues. These colors represent us all people. we come from different places, countries. regions and cultures. Together we make a complete picture. Now that the world has shrunk to a global village, we can find most cultures represented in a small segment of our society. This colorful patchwork is what makes life on this earth beautiful.

The boundaries are disappearing between different cultures and ethnicity. What is needed in this day and age, is the most compelling necessity of recognizing that we all, under the skin are the same human beings. The color of our skin may be different and our cultures may be divergent, but we are the same as in that we all feel pleasure in the similar things and experiences pain when facing the same difficult circumstances.

A mother is the same nurturing woman may she be an Asian, an European or from an African decent. The feelings of love, hate, or fear etc are the same in us all, though their triggers may be different.

So why do we experience discrimination on basis of color, race, religion or ethnicity? Maybe its due to the fact that we don’t relate to each other as humans, on an equal level? Everyone ( belonging to a specific race or culture) thinks that they are better or superior than others. But why so? We all are created equal, but with our strengths and failings, specific to each of us as humans not as an ethnicity , race or religion. We can’t say that people of such and such race are more clever than others or that people of this culture are more sensitive than others! Everyone knows these prejudices to be false. It’s high time we admit that and shun such narrow-minded thinking.

ground group growth hands

Take on people as you find them and not as you per judge them to be.

The important thing now would also be that we teach our young generation to be open-minded and accepting of all people around us, irrespective of their origin.

please let me know how you find my post. If you have an experience you would like to share then do so. It’s all about educating ourselves.





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