Keeping it alive II

In one of my previous posts

I talked about keeping your interest in life strong and healthy. When the empty nest syndrome strikes, we are prone to become a bit depressed and lose the keenness with which we used to perform our day-to-day duties. The pick and drop of the kids, rushing to make the game practice session or dropping them at their friend’s place. They are all grown up now, busy with their lives, studies or job etc.

So how should you, the previously busy mom, employ your now free time? I have a few more suggestions:

1. Volunteer work

Now talk about the good work. So this is the best use of your time. If you have your own transport and are in good physical health, going to an old people’s home , a hospital or even at local school or library is a great way to utilize your free time and earn brownie points for helping others. All these institutions require volunteers to help guide the people in their care. The work is not hectic and you can choose how much you can do. Sitting and reading to an old person or a sick child can be of tremendous importance, both to them and you.


If you ever had a yearning to write, now is the time. Start simple and small. If you start to write a book from the word get go, you might find it a hard task to accomplish. Writing a blog or a travelogue is a good start. I myself am spending my spare time in writing a blog( this one😜) and I find it a rewarding experience. Writing a diary is not only a good idea but also therapeutic, in case you want to vent out somethings out of your system. Just writing them down is a way of getting over them.

3. Art work, painting etc

If you are the creative type this should be your hobby. Painting with any medium like oil , water colors or chalk , all are relatively easy to learn ( if you haven’t done them before) and give yourself the artistic freedom to choose what you like best. One thing about painting is that the results are instantly visible. You don’t have to work at it for weeks. A few brush strokes and you can see what you are creating. Some people are good with charcoal or pencil sketching. It will be fun to see what works better for you.

4. Photography.

As now almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with a pretty good camera, the need to invest in expansive cameras has been limited to the professionals only. So go out for a nature walk and capture whatever strikes your eye. I assure you that if you are bitten by the shutterbug, you will enjoy this tremendously. Or you can photograph cityscapes, waterway or other interesting things. If you want to take pictures of people, other than your own self or friends and family, it is always a good idea to ask first! You don’t want to offend anyone or get into trouble.

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A shelter in the storm

I want to take refuge

Seek shelter in the deluge

Give me the strength

To bear the hardships

That life is throwing at me

Oh, I need to stand firm

I need to hold on to my faith

The life is by no means easy

The journey is not yet done

Sorrows and trials abound

Though there are joys too

I look to you my Lord

I seek your help

Grant me the strong spirit

To stay on your path

Make me the person

Who is not deterred

By the winds of adversity

By the disapproval of world

Make my steps firm

On the path of the right

Give me shelter

Written for FOWC. SHELTER




Thanks a lot:

Why I love inter -reacting with my fellow bloggers!

As you can all guess what is this post about! I want to thank you all, my fellow bloggers for being my support, my teachers , my critics and above all my new literary family. I never expected such beautiful harmony would exist in the blogosphere. My experience of other social media sites was not great. I always felt a misfit there. Maybe because I am a private person and didn’t felt comfortable sharing “all about me” on that platform.

So dear friends and fellow bloggers a big THANK YOU to you all for making me feel welcome and at home here in #WordPress.

And for helping me reach this landmark.

Your comments and feedback is welcome.



How To Help When Your Partner Has A #MeToo Story?

How To Help When Your Partner Has A #MeToo Story?
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A fantastic post by Saura Bhavna. Please read and share. We must try to do our share in increasing awareness about this issue and how to deal with it.

Let me give you some advice!

Have you heard these words often. Do you really want advice from someone you don’t even know all that well. If you are honest then the answer is NO!

All thinking, decent and kind humans like helping others, there is no disputing that fact. And giving helpful guidance is one way of doing it. But, giving advice and unsolicited advice, at that, is something that should be practiced very cautiously! One might be bursting with the thought of pointing out to someone close by that the way they are going about doing a certain task is all wrong and should be handled in another, more accurate/ better way. But please keep a lid on it. If anyone want your advice, they will ask for it.

The world is abound with people “who know better “ . People who “can show you how it’s done “. And those “who are always right “. How irritating we find them! In all honesty, we must admit that when we are stuck at something, a little advice can be very helpful. But the problem that arises at this point is twofold:

One: people usually don’t want others to interfere in their business.

And Secondly: asking for advice may sound like a sign of weakness or that we are not equipped to handle the situation.

So, how to help someone who might benefit from your input/ advice?

I was ( unfortunately) the sort of person who used to sprout words of advice at the drop of a hat! I have cured my instincts to a great degree and I offer advice ( usually) when someone says the magical words,

“Hey, can you tell me how…… “

or ” I need your advice regarding…..”

Though it puts a strain on me to keep my mouth shut, I do try. There are a couple of reasons why I have tried to curb my enthusiasm for giving advice;

1.  An advice giver ( no matter how sincere) is often regarded as a busybody, having too much interest in the business of others. These people are also considered as thinking themselves superior to others, i.e suffering from a superiority complex.

2. Another take on these people who offer advice without being asked for, is that usually people want to be given the advice they want to listen to, am I making my self clear? I mean to say if you give them a piece of advice that they don’t want to hear then it’s a sure shot way to earn unpopularity!

So the moral of the post is: Give ( advice) only when asked!

As they say that there is no appreciation of things that are given to us without asking, so let people want to ask your advice.

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Will Your Blog Be Around In The Next Five Years?

A very informative and interesting post from my friend, Renard.
You will find it very useful for your blogging.

Renard's World

Question Emoji Question Emoji (Photo credit: Pixabay)

A lot of us who started blogs of our own never contemplated blogging on a long-term basis.

As a matter of fact, a large percentage of the bloggers in the blogosphere, handle their blogging affairs, one day at a time.

The sad truth is that business-related bloggers are the only ones who have planned to blog on a long-term basis (That is to be expected since business-related bloggers have set long-term goals for their blogs).

Unfortunately, a lot of personal blogs are short-lived (Many of them are abandoned within the period of three weeks or less).

These days, a personal blogger can refer to their self as being, “Lucky, ” if they have managed to experience their first blogging anniversary.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that many blogs will come and go (That is the way in which the proverbial cookie crumbles in the blogosphere).

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No Parking!

I appreciate your point of view but don’t impose them on me! It’s a no Parking zone for your ideas! There is a trend now a days that people are supposed to fall in with the politically accepted views, even if at heart you don’t agree with them.

It’s everyone’s right to have their own point of view and live their lives accordingly. There is no dispute with that as long as they don’t hurt others. But when it comes to this situation that all are expected to fall in with the latest accepted way of looking at things, I beg to differ. So kindly leave my life free from enforced Parking of your views!

Written for #FOWC PARKING