Daily Prompts- Another one bites the dust!


Not able to face the reckoning

Another one bites the dust

We sure would love to collar them

All those who are responsible for this

They prop them up with great aplomb and fanfare

But invariably, failure is their fate

A fall on the face, a shamefaced retreat

Why oh why they make such grand promises

It’s either the fault of the gullible people

Or those feeding us such trash

One after the other these resolves

Made by our great leaders lies broken, lifeless

And we mourn the trust that is torn to pieces

By the naked greed and avarice

We see in the eyes of these manipulators













Because it has the same title as my post;



Another one bites the dust- Queen




In response to the following prompts;


Prop, Collar, Dust





Word of the day Challenge;







MLMM- Photo Challenge #293

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge


– raventhird


As far as disguises went, it was a poor one

The leaves of the tree giving scant cover

She still managed to hide and conceal

Her identity and her presence both

When times are desperate every effort counts

She needed to preserve her life and future

There will come a time when she will

Reveal herself to claim her right

Her right to the throne and to the kingdom

But now here she was, hiding as a scared girl

Bidding her time and waiting for allies


The Challenge;

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.



321 Quote Me- Wordsmith

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Season 5

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321 Quote Me is NO LONGER a tagging game – it is now a Community Prompt Game only, as in if any of my readership wish to take part – they can do so freely on their own steam and not through either a ‘tagging’ or an obligation to play.

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Dedicated Topic For Today:

“The Wordsmith!”


My quotes;

I am lover of words… I am wickedly drunk with the magic of words… the poetic nature whispers through and to my very heart and soul.

Jennifer Hillman


Creativity is not intelligence, it is the ability to do what you did not know through the use of what you know.

Michael Bassey Johnson


It’s not saying something that’s been said a million times before. It’s saying something that’s been said in a way that’s feels as if it was missed a million times before.

Craig D. Lounsbrough


Ellie Goulding- The writer

Clara Mae- Sorry for Writing all the songs about you








Crimson Creative Challenge # 57

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All my life, I was told to do things properly. Speak properly, dress properly and behave properly. So much so that I sort of started hating the word proper!

When I and my husband decided to open a dairy farm on our agricultural land we were full of exciting ideas for it. The cows were specially imported from Australia and were kept them in custom made sheds which provided luxury ambiance to them. The chickens were hand raised and free-range. We made sure that the feed was 100% organic. After putting in five long years, we were ready for our first customers.


The signboard which my husband had made himself just made my blood boil. There was the word, Proper again.

I told him that if he wanted me to stay, the word proper had to go!



Fandango Friday Flashback – Can you see through my eyes?

Sharing a post from last December, 13th as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback.


Or walk in my shoes?

Can anyone feel what another person is feeling?

Since we all view life through our eyes, and these eyes give us a unique look. No two persons looking at the same thing, see it exactly the same. The reason is what our eyes see, our mind then interprets it so that we make sense of it. That is why in a given situation, a word or a picture evokes different responses from different people.

Sometimes when a person has gone through an extremely hard time in life, to them it feels that nobody can feel or understand their pain or the hardships they are going through. Hence the question:

Can you see through my eyes or walk in my shoes?

When we want others to know that we have a feeling of sympathy towards them, we use words like, I know or I feel it. Or we can say I can understand. By using these words we can tell others that even though we haven’t shared this experience with them, we can, using our previous experience in life or our empathy, understand how they might be feeling.

There is a term, shared grief. People going through a sorrowful experience together as in the loss of a loved one, share the same experience of grief. They all have gone through a similar loss. Their feelings may not be exactly the same but would be falling under the same category. These people would be able to understand each other’s feelings to a larger extent. Then there are people who share an exhilarating experience. They also have a pretty good idea, what others are feeling.

We can say words of empathy and sympathy but we really cannot experience what someone else is going through. Words are easy to come by. They are easily said but do they have an impact on the listener? When we express our support, and sympathy for the person suffering it can, in a way make them realize that even if we don’t share their grief, we are trying to understand it.

We develop empathy by trying to understand the feelings of others. There is a need to be empathetic or to develop a caring personality because it is an essential part of being human and to fit in the society. An uncaring or callous person is not only considered a misfit but can also be labeled as a sociopath by the people taking an extreme view.

We all have in our lives, hard times. How we handle these also depends on, how we perceive them. Developing an outlook in life, where we can see and put things in their proper perspective is an essential tool. This helps us to combat the hard times ourselves and to be able to understand what others are going through in a similar situation.

Let me know what thoughts you have on this topic.



Daily Prompts- Good luck???

The speaker was delivering a fiery speech when a bird dropped something on his head. The audience roared with laughter while he was red in the face with embarrassment. He left his address in the mid and strode off to the water pump to wash off the bird’s poop. Taking his hanky out with a flourish, he wiped his head and strode back to the podium to finish his speech! “If a bird poops on your head, it brings good luck!” He said in a belated apology for his hasty mid-speech departure.

In response to the following prompts;


Bird, Speaker, Pump





Word of the day Challenge;







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