MLMM- Wordle #169

Word Art (4)

1. Hoist✔️
2. Phronesis- wisdom in determining ends and the means of attaining them.✔️
3. Blink✔️
4. Smelly✔️
5. Eyes✔️
6. Shrink✔️
7. Baffle✔️
8. Feather✔️
9. Various✔️
10. Bite✔️
11. Source✔️
12. Parade✔️


The Kite blinked his eyes and his feathers were ruffled by the smelly bag lying near the tree he was perched on. Various possibilities went through his mind. The source of the stench could be a dead animal or some rotting trash not disposed of properly. The phronesis of why it was so, eluded him completely, he was a bird after all. Not one to shrink from the unpleasant, he decided to take a bite and then make his judgment. He hoisted the bag up and tore it to see what it offered. He was baffled by finding a lot of green weeds inside it. Then he thought the weed might have something to do with the parade of young people in the neighborhood after dark.


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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #54


FFFCWelcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from the Brainsparker app for iOS.FCAEF8DC-8C7F-45E6-8F26-A793FCE8685A( For the visually challenged writer, the black and white photo shows a bedroom alarm clock )


Tick tock

The ticking went on relentlessly. She tossed and turned but sleep eluded her. Just before getting into bed, she felt so sleepy and tired but as soon as she switched off her bedside lamp, it just evaporated. She pondered on her options. She could take one of the sleep aids her doctor had recommended but it was late and she would be groggy in the morning. She could warm up some milk and make hot cocoa for herself, sometimes that helped her to fall asleep.

In the end, she got up, slipped into her comfy robe and slippers and turned on her laptop. Just for a quick look at her blog. Her husband found the laptop barely a couple of inches off the ground, hanging from her lap. And she was…… snoring softly with a smile on her face. She must have dozed off while blogging last night, he summarized.

( I don’t know about others but this happens frequently to me, when I cannot sleep, I turn on my phone and start blogging! A far better option than turning and twisting on the bed looking for elusive sleep! )




Fandango’s February Expressions #25


Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water




Daily Prompts- The competition

The freestyle writing competition gave them the option of choosing their genre and topics. Amanda wanted to win the praise of her mentor and teacher Mrs. Clarke. She also wanted her be proud of her achievements. She was after all one of the few students that were chosen for this competition, which was held once a year. The aim was to select those who had an aptitude for writing and expressing themselves well in written word. Amanda didn’t worry her head about winning the cash prize. She was confident that she would be declared the winner.

When the results were announced, she got an unpleasant shock. The class nerd, Tony was declared the writer and was given the cash prize of a hundred dollars. He had chosen a very ordinary topic to write about, “the value of hard work in day to day life”


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Head, Cash, Worry





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Share Your World 2-24-2020




What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?  Or to put it another way “Can men and women ever be platonic friends?  Doesn’t sex always get in the way?”  

It depends on the people involved. It can go both ways and it would be the choice of people involved. The reverse is often true, that life partners can be really good friends but friends of opposite sex have to choose if friendship works with intimate relationships or not!

I hope my answer made some sense!

What is the greatest struggle you’ve overcome?

I really have done a good job of changing how I react to situations and people. It was a long struggle and it needed a lot of effort on my part. I used to be a super sensitive person who would be affected by everything people said to me or about me!

Now thankfully I can be quite thick skinned and take these incidents in my stride. And it has changed my life for the better. Many times better!

What is the darkest thought you’ve ever had? What about the darkest thing you’ve done that you’ve never told anybody about? (obviously you’ll be telling now if you choose to.  Telling might unburden you a little though.)   

I suffered with depression due to something that happened to someone very close to me. At that time I felt no one was sincere or real. I felt that no one liked me. This opened my eyes to the very real problem that depression is. Also taught me to always be grateful and to count my blessings.

and one ‘fun’ one because I realize those others were pretty deep)

What is your least favorite food?

Any type of red meat! Cannot stand it at all.


Share a thought, write a story or poem or share a meme about gratitude.  If you’d like to.  As with the other questions, this is optional.  


Winter is almost over and spring is making its presence felt! The days are getting longer and brighter!

A great time to be alive!