Her rules

Sashaying in her fancy finery

The jewels shining and glittery

The night is full of possibilities

She is ready to bestow her favors

But nothing is gratuitous here

In return for something you need

To give something in return as it is

The law of nature, at least the one she follows

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Tale Weaver #227 A wedding!

A wedding made in…..

Wedding is synonymous with the unity of two people, who decide that they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together, in a legally and often religiously binding ceremony.

The why of this decision is something which only the people involved can tell you about. The how is also relevant only to the people involved and their families. Each culture and region have their own way of getting married. It could be a quiet ceremony or something on a grand scale with much fanfare. It’s again a matter of personal choice. Sometimes an exclusive ceremony with just a few close friends and family members is enough. And some people and cultures like to make a huge fuss about the whole thing, turning it into a many day event with hundreds of guests involved. Again it’s a choice.

What comes after the vows are taken is much more important than the actual ceremony. The promise to love and honor should be a binding one, which should last a lifetime. Unfortunately it doesn’t do that more often then not. The romance wears off soon after the honeymoon period is over in many cases and rifts and cracks start to appear in the perfectly perceived facade of marriage. The differences become unsurmountable in certain cases ending in a split in the union.

This is not meant to scare people off from getting married but rather in the spirit of an advisory to be more open to understanding the viewpoint of your spouse, to be willing to make compromise and to give it as many chances as you can possibly can. Because like everything in life, love also demands hard work and effort.

Sorry if I went a bit off the brief, but to me marriage is more important than wedding!

The prompt;

So this week consider the notion of a wedding to be the topic for you to write about.

Your story could be the fairy tale account of true love finding itself.

In response to;

Tale Weaver #227



Blogging —Time management

Just like any other job or profession you need to manage your time while blogging.

It is an issue with most bloggers that they don’t have enough time to do all the reading and writing they would like to do regarding their blog and the blogs they follow.

Time management is the key.

I struggled a lot in the beginning as it was a whole new ball game for me. I had never even read a blog before I made an account on WordPress. And that was to just read the blog of a friend of mine. Even then her’s was the only blog I would read. So when I started to write my blog and also started to follow a number of blogs, things got very hectic. I would be playing catch on the whole day and at the end was too exhausted to write my own posts.

In the beginning I would post ones or twice a week and the rest of the time was spent in reading and commenting on other blogs. It would mean that I was on WordPress pretty much most of my waking day.

It was a stressful situation.

But gradually I have devised a formula, following which I have simplified my blogging life.

I will let you on the secret but there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

1.I start my day by opening the notifications. The first priority are the blogs which I follow for the prompts. I either save these posts in the reader or make drafts of the prompts and from there I read the comments, glance over the likes and follows ( with a feeling of pride and awe!).

2.The next step is to write my posts for the day.

My usual pattern is that I post 4 posts every day, in the morning. After intervals of two hour each. Starting at 8 am and the last one at 2 pm in the afternoon. Typically I write the first two or three post on the previous evening and schedule them for the first posts of the next day. It takes the pressure off the immediately writing of a post for the day. I usually keep the daily prompts post for my 2 pm post and write this while I have my breakfast, scheduling it for 2 pm.

3 Then I leisurely read and comment on the blog posts that I follow. There are two ways of following blogs which I do. For a medium number ( almost a third ) I have notifications on. That way I am sure not to miss any of them and the others I follow through my reader. Since I follow around 250-300 blogs, reading every post from every blog that I follow is not possible every day so I have to pick and choose from my reader but I try to read a post from the blogs I follow, every once in a while.

The rest of the day I follow my regular routine, glancing at WordPress a few times a day.

4. In the evening after I am done with the day, I open my WordPress and repeat the morning routine. Saving the prompts, and these are the weekly prompts at this time. After reading the posts of other bloggers and comments etc, I write the posts that are to be scheduled for tomorrow.

5. Another important step in organizing yourself is to make drafts of future posts. Write a few, ready for posting. This is a very important prep, just like preparing food for a dinner party a day in advance. It take a lot of pressure off you and then when there are days when you are busy with life, and there will be those, just pull them out of the draft folder and publish!

6. Always remember to follow a schedule that you can keep up with. Never do so much that you become a slave to it. Keep your writing a fun thing. It should serve you, not the other way around.

This is how I have managed to keep my blogging life organized and in control.

I hope this post helps new blogger some idea as how to manage their time while blogging.

Let me know your thoughts through comments.

Waiting for your feedback!




Stream of Consciousness Saturday June 15

How social are you? Or are you anti-social?

This question was asked of me once and I was confused as to what I should say in reply. I like meeting new people but in a reasonable number. Like a one to one conversation would be perfectly fine. But I would be uncomfortable talking to a large number of strangers at one time. Similarly I can be comfortable traveling by myself, I enjoy movies by myself, but I won’t say that I am anti-social. The truth is that spending time with myself is no hardship. I like my own company. I can be alone and be happy with my books my puzzles or my writing ( which is a new thing for me)!

Does that make me anti-social? Maybe. But if the company is not better than my own than I would be happy to be alone. But I do enjoy going out with my family and friends. I enjoy the outings I plan with friends and it’s usually my idea. So I would think that I am a careful mingler! I like to select the people I want to be with. I guess I am not gregarious, but an introvert!

What about you?

Do you like to be in company of people more often then yours?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “social.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

In response to;

Stream of Consciousness Saturday June 15

A Prompt by; Linda G Hill



Fibbing Friday June 14

It’s FRIDAY! That means it’s time for another round of fibbing. What are the best fibs you can create to answer these questions:

1. Who was the first person to sail around the world?

Popeye the sailor man!

2. Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

The wanted to catch the signal for their cell phones for the top.

3. What is Ursa Major?

Ursa is a motor in the Krypton army.

4. Lady and the Tramp wasn’t about two dogs… what was it about?

It was about a dog and a bitch!

5. What does “Law and Order” mean?

Law can be ordered around by some people.

6. What does Hell look like?

A place without internet and cable.

7. What do cars do when you’re at work?

They crib about they are driven and also about the quality of fuel these days.

8. What is the best song ever written?

Baa baa black sheep…..

9. What are gnomes looking for in your garden?

Mushrooms to use as umbrellas.

10. What is in fruitcake?

Nuts and bolts.

11. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

Being truthful, honesty, helpfulness, believing in equality, generosity, hospitality, being witty and being loving.

12. Why were Cinderella’s slippers made of glass?

The use of leather was banned because of animal rights movement.

13. What is wind?

Movement of molecules of hydrogen di sulphide escaping from the guts of a living being.

14. Why do cars have bike racks without bikes?

They got left at home.

15. What is the secret meaning behind the Mickey Mouse Club?

It’s a secret only known to Disney.

In response to;

Fibbing Friday June 14

A Fun Game by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith


In A Quandary

It is such a dilemma

It throws me in confusion

How to deal with phony people

This has me in a quandary always

We can treat them the same as they do

Putting on false smiles and act all sugary

But then it will be not us, it would be someone else

It won’t be a good bargain to pretend to feel what we don’t

If I decide to express what feelings that I truly experience

It would probably break that veneer of friendship

That expresses our ” relationship ” but I don’t see

A better choice as being false doesn’t sit well

On me, so I will probably delay my response

Put it on the back burner for a while

Sometimes things get resolved

If you let them be for a while

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Thursday Inspiration #8- Am I a Stranger

Photo found on Pixabay

There are times that when you look in the mirror and see a stranger. Because even we never truly know ourselves completely. It is at a time of crisis that the true nature of a person is often revealed. When we are faced with difficult and impossible choices that the inner stranger is unmasked. We think in our minds of what we are, what are our values and what direction we will take in life but do we really are what we believe ourselves to be?

It is only in the time of crisis that we know.

The prompt;

This week’s theme is stranger and the picture. Here is the song snippet from “The Stranger” written by Billy Joel in 1977:

Why were you so surprised
That you never saw the stranger
Did you ever let your lover
See the stranger in yourself

In response to;

Thursday Inspiration #8

A Prompt by: Paula



Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91

Just like a pizza, there could be slices of life

All having a little bit different topping on them

The part I want to revisit today is the one that

Is not a perfect one, but on the contrary quite

Painful to remember and write about even now

It embodies when the pain and darkness were waiting

To engulf my soul because of the events that occurred

There are no details that I would share but it is enough

To say that due to what happened to one of my family

We all were living in a time which gave me the most painful

Memories and I shudder to think how I ever got over them

But I did: I survived that time and got stronger for it

That is my aim today to write about a dark era in the past

As it taught me that out of pain came healing and

Acceptance from the despair, the turmoil gave me peace

It’s just to say that in life there are always moments of heartbreak

But if we live through them we are better and stronger for that!

In response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91


Fandango Provocative Question #27

Fandango’s Question this week;

“If you could choose one — and only one — particular malady, condition, or disease for which a safe and effective treatment was available, what one condition would you choose to treat and why is that your choice?”

My response;

I have read many responses from people on this question. Many have chosen illnesses which affected them or their loved ones which is quite natural. We will want what is causing pain and discomfort to us or our family to be gone. And if a cure is discovered for it to completely eradicate it, what could be better!

But there are so many diseases in the world today which are the cause of mortality and morbidity. The first and the major one is cancer. It is a disease which strikes terror in the heart of a person when they hear of the possibility of having it. There are so many faces of this disease, some of them treatable and some even curable. The number and types of malignant disease is growing daily and so are the number of people effected by it. Some doctors have come up with cure for a type of cancer while billions of dollars are being spent in research every year for this type of disease. I would say if people discovered a cure/ treatment for cancer all forms it would save many lives.

On the other hand, on a completely personal note, I would love for someone to come up with a cure for obesity….. Anyone???

In response to;

Fandango Provocative Question #27



Attack of ego!

There is an insidious seepage of pride

In my thoughts when I preen myself

As I think I am pretty or possessing of

Other worldly virtues not of my making

It is safe to assume that it is an attack

Of pride and ego on my conscious thought

It is better to do my homework and preempt

This unwarranted emotion as I haven’t done

Anything myself to become boastful about

The qualities bestowed on me by nature

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