Thursday Photo Prompt- Dream # WritePhoto

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Welcome to this week’s #writephoto prompt!

This week’s prompt ~ Dream


(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a pale pathway meandering through a field of purple heather towards the green of distant hills)


The vista I behold in front of my eyes

Seems like I have walked into a dream

It looks surreal, the beauty is like something

My brain has conjured up from a fairytale

I tread cautiously so that I may not disturb

The otherworldly charm of this enchanting place

I draw the subtle scent of heather in my lungs

A calm descends upon my soul, refreshing it

I follow the path to the distant promise

My destination is just over yonder I can see

I tread with care not to disturb the beauty




Daily Prompts- Are you listening?

Do grant me some respite

From the gelid stares, icy rebuttals

Is it printed on my forehead?

Is this my lot in life, I ask them

There is no excuse for this behavior

Yet I am always put in that zone

Where I stand alone and despised

Am I not a part of you?

Am I not a person like you?

Am I finally getting through to you?

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Finally, Lot, Printed





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Blogging Insights # 34- Reading Habits

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Her Question this week;

Do you think that reading is an important prerequisite for writing well? If so, what kind of reading material inspires or affects your writing?


I think reading helps us tremendously if we want to write well. Some people instinctively have great writing skills and don’t need to hone it by reading.

But for most people, reading not only adds to their vocabulary and expression skills but also introduces them to different styles of writing. It also inspires them with ideas of a storyline or topics for prose or poetry.

For myself, I love reading a wide range of books. I would pick up a work of fiction over a real-life story but there are exceptions. There are bios that I found fascinating.

My first love was murder mysteries from Agatha Christie. Then I started on historical romances by Georgette Heyer. I think my first love was all the British writers whose books I found in my grandfather’s library.

While writing for my blog I take inspiration from all that I have read to date. I also find inspiration from all the blogs that I follow.

In short, for me reading is essential for my writing!

Thank you Dr. Tanya for hosting this series.



Wordle #196

Wordle 196



This beautiful blue planet of ours shines in the blackness of the universe around it. It’s satellite, the moon is unique by its size and position. This world of ours is alone in known universe to harbor life. So what are we doing to preserve this great home of ours?

Nothing, I tell you. People feel free to go on wild rampage destroying the resources given to us. The soil is regressing and the atmosphere is polluted. Our first and intuitive response is not the preservation but destruction of our home. Why cannot the human society work as a whole to restore our planet and its resources? Let us be more responsible and reverse this curve of destruction and give autonomous authority to non-political agencies to improve the situation.

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MLMM- Wordle # 196




What’s Your Story Then # 2-2- The trip

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Word Story

The letters today;

Topic; The storm


Zoo, Zinc, cold, cajole, loud, Jean, lean, coin, zone, Lad, led, lead


The weather was fine in the morning and all the lads planned a trip to the zoo. Jeff was their leader. Dressed in his new jeans, he led the way. The line to the entrance was small. They paid their coin and excitedly went around looking at all the animals. It was a cold day. As they entered the zone where reptiles were kept, the zinc batteries In Jeff’s camera died. He wanted to look closely at the boa and leaned forward to get a better look. Suddenly the glass wall gave in and Jeff found himself face to face with a huge boa constrictor. He tried to talk to it in a cajoling way but the snake kept on advancing. Lucky for him the zoo admin stepped in quickly for a rescue. The boys thought it was time to head home when with a loud thunder, heaven opened up. It was a storm to remember.




Daily Prompts

Want to see the diversity of life, visit the zoo

There are so many animals in all shapes, sizes, and colors

Empirical evidence that coexistence is possible

No one needs to feel more powerful or privileged than others

When you look around your garden you’ll see again

All plant life in perfect harmony with each other

Then what explains the urge of humans to feel superior

To people who are different in looks and background

How could the color of skin or race determine

What lies beneath is what is of paramount importance

A conversation in earnest needs to start among us all

Caution is required when addressing issues of sensitivity

Do speak up and share your views and concerns

Come together as one whole not pieces divided

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Garden, Determine, Conversation





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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #72


FFFCWelcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from Davidoasa at the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an interior corner with light shining through columns)


He just stood at the corner stunned. Was this it?

Was this the sign he was asking for, waiting for?

Unable to believe his eyes, he turned towards his companion, “are you seeing this Walter?”

“What’s this, exactly? ” Walt said a bit cautiously.

“This holy light coming through the columns,” Jeremy said excitedly.

“Sorry to disillusion you but this is not “holy” light. The church had installed modern lights because this part of the corridor was too dark. But don’t feel bad my friend, many people have mistaken it for a sign from above as well!”