The lines of communication are broken down

The bridge that was between us now lies

Broken and in shambles, destroyed by us

How have we reached this state where there is

No sharing of thought and no common grounds

Wouldn’t it have been better, if we had talked

Brought out the issues and problems into the open

Had a heart to heart before we reached this stage

The days of silence and brooding have taken a toll

A chasm lies between us, too wide to span with words

Can something repair this destruction and ruin

Can the damage caused by our egos be undone

A question I want an answer to, because it matters

I have written this because all too often we let minor disagreement develop into long-lasting family feuds. Let’s talk to each other and clear misunderstandings before they grow into a serious rift.

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The kingfisher

The bird was very brightly colored and eye catching. Harold was fascinated by it. He had come to look for birds with his book packed along with his binoculars. He looked up and found out that it was a kingfisher.

This kingfisher was a rare one, almost in the endangered species list. He loved bird-watching and had accompanied his dad to this trip to indulge in his favorite hobby. Indeed, it was the kingfisher that he wanted to observe and was happy that he had spotted one. He was so happy that it felt like he had found a treasure. Its beautifully colored feathers were of vivid hues. These birds don’t make nests but live in tunnels made in the river bank and tree trunks. The bird would use it’s long beak to break the chunks of earth and make a long passage like tunnel.

He took out his camera and shot a few pictures of the birds.

Kookaburra and the common kingfisher were among the bird that he spotted.

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Break, King, Feather






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The water is falling in cascades from a great height

Splashing and foaming when it lands in the water below

The loud sound of the fall can be like the roar of the wild

Fascinating and awe inspiring, the nature is often taken

For granted, like the music being played in the background

We notice a few of the miracles which surround us daily

Unless it forces itself upon us, demanding our full focus

It shows us that it’s forces can a power to reckon with

Though life giving and gentle most of the time, it can be

At time, a hurricane, a storm a cloud burst or a tornado

Destroying everything that stands in its path and giving

A reminder to us all to show respect to the Mother Nature

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A Posh Party

A birthday today

Gather the family and friends

Let’s celebrate today in style and with class

It shouldn’t be something mundane or ordinary

I want this day to be memorable and unforgettable

We’ll arrange a grand party to enjoy this day in a dashing way

Get the booking in a posh place, with the food and everything to be

Of the finest that they have to offer, as money is not an object

It has to be the envy of everyone who attends and sees

The glamour should overwhelm and fascinate my guests

It would not matter that they are not enjoying it

For I would, cause it will be a statement of all

I have and can have, the showing off and

The boasting of my wealth is all that

Matters to me, for it’s only money

And money cannot bring me

The happiness I want

So I will be happy

To flaunt it

To make



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FTS Dec 1 The Chapel

A story started by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith;


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Teresa wrote;

Far beyond the city, in the middle of nowhere, sat a tiny chapel. No one knew who built it, why it was in the middle of nowhere, or why any traveler in need would always find the light on – but I know these things. I am alive because of Father Chris and the little chapel in the middle of nowhere.

I just turned eighteen and was so sure of myself. I knew everything I ever needed to know – at least I thought I did. I was an adult and didn’t need anyone’s permission to leave. So I did. I left home the morning of my birthday with a few clothes and what little money I had stuffed in a backpack. Mom and Dad weren’t up yet, which made it a little easier not having to listen to Dad ask why or listen to my Mom cry and ask me to stay. No, it was better the way I did it. At least it seemed that way at the time.

I boarded the Number 3 bus heading out of Jasper and …

Morpethroad’s bit

….. noticed the light on in the chapel. I was curious as it was a shade of green I had not seen before. In the vestibule was Father Chris. He was a tall man, taller when he stood up, and he was standing there looking at me as I passed.

I watched, as around him, the green light seemed to throb as if suspecting I was flying the coop of my hometown. He was dressed in his customary black, but his clerical collar radiated a blinding white light. I looked away with a sense of betrayal and guilt.

I looked back through the window of the bus and found myself just passing the chapel, green light and Father Chris. This disturbed me, as the bus appeared to be travelling at a rate of knots by now having cleared the town limits.

Three times this happened, and I started to feel stuck in some sort of ground hog day. I then pulled the stop cord above me and alighted.

As the bus moved away I saw across the road the chapel, now dark, lights gone and Father Chris standing in the doorway in his radiant collar.

I found myself crossing the road and coming up to Father Chris who …

Crimsonprose’s bit

……….opened his arms as if he’d embrace me, his face collapsing into a picture of welcome relief.

‘What is it?’ I asked, for surely something had happened to cause him distress. But more than that, I wanted to know what that green light I had seen.

‘Oh, my lad, my lad,’ he said. ‘I’m so glad you have come. I’m to have a visitation.’

‘A …? What, as in Jesus? Or a saint? Or …’ I slapped my hand over my mouth ‘… no, you don’t mean the devil? Is that what the green light?’

He flicked his fingers into my face. ‘Silly boy! That “green light”, as you called it, is just off Old Bess. But Old Bess is the problem.’

I’d best explain. Old Bess was Father Chris’s exceedingly antiquated computer—steam-powered I shouldn’t wonder, it’s so old).

‘So what’s up with her?’ I asked.

‘I think she’s not well. She refuses to access my records. And I have the bishop due any moment to inspect them. I don’t suppose …?’

The way he looked at me … what could I do but check out the ancient machine.

The fool of a Father Chris. He’d crammed a communion wafer into the thin slot of the floppy drive. I pulled it out and held it out accusingly. He coloured up.

‘But, my boy, my boy,’ I am so grateful. ‘And just in time, for, Hark! That’ll be the bishop now.’

And true enough, a vehicle of sorts was drawing up outside the chapel. But when I looked out of the door …

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My part;

……. it didn’t look like a sort of transport the bishop would use. It was strangely shaped carriage, drawn by some creatures which weren’t any thing I had seen in my life. They had the body of a horse but very large wings attached to it. In fact the carriage came flying through the air on these “flying horses” and landed near us.

The person driving or flying the carriage stepped out and opened the door for the person inside to alight from it. The person who came out of the carriage could be a bishop, I suppose but from some other world. The whole of his body was emitting a strange white light. Father Chris welcomed him with utmost joviality and warmth. He was not deterred by the strange aura surrounding the bishop. In fact he acted as if it was nothing out of ordinary.

‘Your Excellency, how kind of you to visit us in our humble abode’, gushed father Chris. ‘Please come inside, it’s too cold to stand out and chat.’ He then instructed the coach man to take his flying horses to the side where a large barn stood. An the bishop and father went inside, I followed them. I was wondering who this mysterious bishop was. Was he from some magical place or was I too tired and was imagining things?

When I entered the chapel behind them, the sight which met my eyes was so unusual that …..

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Walking and making tracks

Inspired by Rory‘s poem Echoing Footsteps

We walk in the footsteps of our own making or in those of others?

Do we carve our own path or are we stepping on the oft trodden way.

Are the choices we make are already made for us by others before us

Or are we brave enough to go solo, do what hasn’t been done by our predecessors

Life gives us one chance to live, we can be the follower or elect to become the leader

Dictated by the world or showing them how it can be done differently is a choice

That either we can make or leave it to the fate, by feigning to be powerless

Surrendering our will and giving in to that of those we think know better

Than how will we know what it is like to stand on our own feet

Finding the way forward without leaning on the ones leading us

Mistakes will be made and wrong decisions will be taken

But they will be ours, should we be brave enough to own them

And when the end is reached, there won’t be regrets that what if

What if we had taken that path or treaded on a brand new way

And gone to places no one has gone before


The Thanksgiving Day Parade

In New York on Thanksgiving Day, there is a huge crowd of people waiting outside Macy’s. Every year on the eve of Thanksgiving, there is a parade held there since 1924. People love to see this parade, its colorful floats, vibrantly colored costume clad participants and the larger than life balloons. It is accompanied by live music and band.

It is a tradition carried on from the halcyon days of past when there was little thought given to concerns like security or terror threats.

This year there was a lot of excitement. The huge balloon of Olaf, a character from the movie Frozen was also seen among other balloons of different cartoon characters. The parade is also honored by Santa, himself with his team of reindeer’s.

The spectators in the front line had the best view. They were feeling like the royalty, having the best possible position in all those present. It was the official kick off for the Christmas season. How everyone enjoyed this event, specially the kids.

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The Three Wishes

He found the lamp. It was in a heap of old used utensils, discarded by the people of the town he lived in. And he didn’t know right away that it was “The lamp”. He had heard the stories, who hadn’t. But he never imagined that there was an actual real lamp. He had picked it up from the junk that it might be worth some money, enough to feed him and his mother for a few days. It did looked special.

And the the genie came out with a whoosh in a blue smoke when he was trying to clean up the lamp for selling it. After getting over his fright and incredulity he regained is street smart thinking and asked the genie, what was the deal. He had a hazy idea how the lamp and genie combo worked but he liked things to be put clearly and concisely put in front of him. It made the decision making easy.

As the genie put all the details in front of him, he asked the genie for his input. After all the genie had been doing this gig for thousands of years and knew all the way this game could be played. “If you ask my opinion, young man, I would advice you to be very careful what you wish for” “,This is a situation which can get you in a lot of trouble” came the sage advice from the veteran. ” You should not persist in trying to solve all the problems in your life through these three wishes”

This really clicked with him. He settled for a nice all mortgage paid house in a good neighborhood, a stable monthly income and some cash in the bank for use.

A modern day Aladdin story!

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THW 3TC December 16

When my husband visited Russia a few years ago, he brought back a set of Russian Nesting Dolls , also called Babushka dolls. They were a pretty blue color with a pattern of white snowflakes painted on the dress. They got a place of honor in the display cabinet and I kept them free of dust by careful cleaning.

Sometime that year, a nephew of my husband visited us with his family, which had a young boy of three along with older two kids. We were busy entertaining them and didn’t notice that the young boy had managed to open the display cabinet, and had one of the tiny dolls firmly grasped in his little hand. When the boy’s mom noticed it, she asked him to put the doll back. Now, if you have seen these type of dolls, you would know that the bigger ones are quite pretty but it’s the smaller ones which are the cutest and attracted the attention of kids because of their size and cuteness.

All the attempts of the mom to convince the boy to unhand the doll failed and it ended up in angry tears and a tantrum. This was an embarrassing situation for our guests and for us too. If we would suggest that the boy should be allowed to keep the doll, it would be unacceptable for the mom and her attempt to make him give the doll back were increasingly upsetting him.

It was my younger daughter who cam up with a gem of an idea! She went and brought back a teddy bear she had from her own childhood days. When she offered the crying child the cuddly teddy bear, he thankfully stopped his crying and dropped the doll to clutch at the offered bear. And a social disaster was everted!

From that day the dolls have been shifted to the top most shelf of the cabinet where they are out of sight of small bratty kids!

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Russian nested dolls, snowflake, tears



Truthfulness, lies or half truths?

Is it okay to tell a lie if it is to prevent someone from unhappiness?

Or is being truthful at all cost should be our policy. As they say, honesty is the best policy, we should follow it regardless of any harm it may cause. There are different takes on this from different people. Some support the fact that a little white lie when told to stop someone from a hurt, is permissible.

The problem with lying is that once you get on this train, there is no stopping it. If I can tell a lie to save someone from getting hurt, I can lie to save myself from embarrassment. This way of thinking can lead us into deep quagmire of deceit.

We also have the people who have different versions of truth. They think that if one tweaks the truth a little, rearranging the facts adding a bit and omitting a few parts of the whole, it is still the truth. Well most people, that is people who prefer honesty, won’t agree that it is the truth. The words of the oath taken while testifying in court has taken this tendency of people and the words, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth have been included.

The convenient lie is a lie told to give false comfort to people, because an unpleasant truth can cause a lot of panic amongst public. This is sometimes seen when the authorities keep the facts hidden, placating people with half-truths and even outright lies. And the strange thing is that people sometimes prefer to hear comforting lies rather than face the unpleasant reality.

In the end I would like to mention the living lie detectors. These are the people who can sniff out a liar and the lies like a sniffer hound. They enjoy finding out the liars and have fun while doing it.

How do you feel about lying? Is it okay to tell a lie in certain circumstances or should the truth be the king, always.

Please share your thoughts and feedback through comments