Where we would be without family?

Family – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows two large swans and 3 smaller swans all swimming together.


Life is funny at times.

A tiff with your siblings or parent and you start thinking what a burden family is. And it is absolutely true that those who we love most have the greatest power to wound our hearts. But having said that, these same people do have the power to give us the best moments of our lives. Because joy comes through love!

Jessica was in a sullen and dark mood when she set out for her walk along the park track. She just had words with her mom. She usually went along well with her mother but one thing that always irritated her was when her mom would lecture her as if she was still 5 years old and not almost 17.

During her walk she saw the swan family in the pond. She saw how the parents were protectively floating around the little ones and would often help one or the other to keep them all together. She realized that what her own mother was doing was also the same. She wanted her to be safe and keep out of trouble. She felt sorry that she was rude to her mom.

“I think I’ll buy her some chocolate on the way back!” She thought.

Where would we be without the protective circle of our family?


Written for WritePhoto # Family, hosted by KL Caley



It’s clear now!

It’s very clear to me now that the energy I had even 5-6 years ago has dwindled with age. The recent shifting that we did has totally exhausted me out.

It wasn’t as if I was the only one doing the move as my daughter was fully involved too, but the stress of getting everything up and running gave me a very bad stress headache for the last two days.

Many pills later……

Now I can finally admit to myself that I’m neither invincible nor infallible. I should not presume that I would be able to;

A. Do it all in a day

B. Nothing will be lost/ misplaced

C. Smooth transactions occur only in movies or dreams.

Since I’ve attained these pearls of wisdom, I’m going to believe that all this has taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t volunteer when you don’t have to!


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “clear.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- Clear



Am I alone?


“I ask you for two minutes of your valuable time. Listen to the poem in this insightful video.”

I await your reflections on whatever thoughts arise in you.


Being alone is different from loneliness

I am never lonely, because I’m always with myself

But being alone is a state that I cherish sometimes

At times, company is good, and family or friends welcomed

But then too much noise, too much hustle-bustle

Makes me crave a bit of solitude and a bit of quietude

Where I can hear myself think

Where my heart, my soul talks to my Creator

If I don’t get my much-desired me-time, I make it for myself

By sitting alone in the quiet of the night and thinking, deep thoughts!


Written for RXC # 231, hosted by Reena



Working relationship- Short story

The photograph below is from abi ismail at unsplash.com.

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a man and a woman sitting next to each other at a counter inside a coffee shop. He’s engrossed with something on his smartphone and she is working on her Apple laptop computer.)


I was having dinner with a few of my closest friends when I suddenly realized that I had asked my colleague, Jane to meet me at the café for a work meeting. How embarrassing for me not to show up after asking to meet her to discuss a few problems we were facing in the office.

Hastily, I told my friends that I had to go and left to join Jane in the café. Luckily it was nearby and she didn’t had to wait long for me. The work meeting went well as we sorted out the issues at the office. But I sensed a coldness in her demeanor. She was distant and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.

Hesitantly, I asked if anything was amiss. She looked at me and said that she was made to wait half an hour before I showed up and she thought it was very discourteous of me. I explained that it was my fault because I had forgotten that I had arranged to meet her and was having dinner with friends.

“I’m glad we talked this out”, she said as she smiled at me. “ Very often misunderstandings can ruin work relationships and I want a pleasant work-environment at the office”

We agreed on this point and had a coffee to celebrate the amicable resolution of the situation.


Written for FFFC # 169, hosted by Fandango

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My favorite healthy foods


Peanuts and peanut butter are my favorite way of consuming nuts. I do like cashews, almonds and walnuts too. Then there are the very costly nuts like macadamia, pine nuts, and hazelnut which aren’t easily available here. I’d gladly eat them if they were given to me as a present!


I love most fruits, specially the summer fruits. Mangoes, Melon, watermelon, guavas, bananas, apple! All separately or together in a fruit salad make a wonderful dessert.


We all need the calcium from dairy, especially as we are growing older. I like milk in all its forms but cheese is very convenient to eat and has more calcium as compared to other forms of dairy. My favorites are cottage cheese, feta and ricotta cheese, especially in salads.

Whole wheat roti/ naan

I love carbs and whole wheat roti/ naan are great to satisfy hunger and keep the blood sugar in check. Our local diet of roti ( flatbread) with daal ( lentils ) or vegetable curry makes for nourishing and balanced diet.

Dried fruits;

Raisins, dried figs, dehydrated cranberries, dates, and dried plums are good when one is craving something sweet and low cal.

Written for 5 Things Tuesday, hosted by Tanya



The scenic view

We are always in a hurry to get where we want to, taking the shortest possible route and getting frustrated when we encounter traffic jams and delays.

It’s a well known saying to stop and smell the roses/flowers for we live just once, but we especially in today’s world disregard this as we think what we need to do is way more important and breaking the journey is only a waste of time.

Sometimes, fate steps in and gives us a detour that takes us on another route, different from where we planned to go, along the scenic route.

A blocked road, a flat tire, or a breakdown of the car cause hindrance to our travel but changes the time frame of our journey.

Who knows what dangers are averted when we travel in a different time frame or take a new route, for we cannot see the parallel timelines.

These detours of life sometimes brings very pleasant surprises along the way.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Detour , hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise